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Our Shark Project flyer is available for download here – Shark 6pp DL digital

Laser Process Optimisation evaluates the impact of femto-second laser texturing and the beneficial impact it can have in industry.

Laser Ablation explains how to utilise ablation modelling within industrialisation and the experimental work that has been undertaken.

Femto-second Laser Prediction discusses the influence of final crater topography of model using matter ablation and concluding results for a range of pulse duration’s for prospective technological advancements.

Euspen’s 19th International Conference – Abstract discusses the high-speed, roll to roll coherence scanning interferometry in a laser texturing process.

Laser Generated Periodic Textures Study explains the experiments undertaken regarding textures on tungsten carbide cutting cool surfaces for the reduction of frictional forces.

Tactile Friction Behaviour Study investigates the behaviour between laser-textured metallic surfaces and counterpart polyurethane materials at low sliding velocities.




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